What are the key issues of the current housing situation in Europe?

What are the key issues of the current housing situation in Europe?

This report provides an overview of the current housing challenges in the EU and examples of policy responses to these challenges, focusing primarily on Northern and Western European nations. The report aims to provide UK housing researchers, policy makers and practitioners with a resource that situates the UK in a wider comparative European context.

The key issues that characterise current housing challenges across many nations in the EU include:

Affordability within the rental (social and private) sectors, due to high demand, urbanisation, migration from rural to urban areas, high construction costs, a political and cultural emphasis on home ownership, and a lack of robust or effective rental regulation
A shortage of social housing, due to the rising costs of housing, unregulated rents in the private sector, slow construction rates, ageing populations, higher rates of homeless people due to high private rents and selling off social housing stock. This has exacerbated homelessness and poor housing conditions for many vulnerable groups
The legacy of the 2008 Financial Crash, which has led to high mortgage debts, slow construction rates and a lackof focus on long-term measures
Boom-bust’ has had an enormous impact on housing policy, which has in-turn affected the housing situation

The report was written by Aya Nay Haddad during her internship at the White Rose Brussels Office.

This report is based on a partnership between the University of Sheffield colleagues linked to the UK Centre for Collaborative Evidence and White Rose Brussels.

Download the policy report here.


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