9th October 2018 Event The Aftermath of the Zika Crisis

The Aftermath of the Zika Crisis

“Now that the World Health Organisation has declared that Zika is no longer a global health emergency, there is a danger that the struggles of families of children with CZF will become an invisible problem.”- Dr João Nunes, University of York  In October 2016, the European Union approved €30 million in research to combat the […]

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8th October 2018 Event EU-Japan Conference on the Future of Robotics and AI in the Super-Aging Era

EU-Japan Conference on the Future of Robotics and AI in the Super-Aging Era

Last week, WRB attended the EU-Japan conference on the future of robotics and artificial intelligence in the super-ageing era at the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine. Key Takeaways Currently considering another joint EU-Japan call in last year of H2020 in line with previous projects ACCRA and CARESSES – Collaboration between EU countries and 3rd countries […]

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25th September 2018 Event European Health Challenges: The role of imaging technology in addressing key biomedical questions of the future

European Health Challenges: The role of imaging technology in addressing key biomedical questions of the future

The White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York are home to some of the top European Centres in Advanced Imaging and Microscopy studying at a macromolecular level the impact of disease on individual cells, using a wealth of first class equipment to conduct world leading biological research. This event will be hosted by Professor […]

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22nd March 2018 Event

The impact of Brexit on British Archaeology

As part of the ArchSci 2020 mid-term meeting, the WRB will be hosting a debate in the European Parliament to discuss the possible impacts of Brexit on UK archaeology, from both the perspective of the University sector as well as on the wider Archelogy community. ArchSci2020 offers the first European Joint Doctorates in Archaeological Sciences. The programme […]

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13th - 16th March 2018 Event

White Rose EU funding team visit Brussels

From the 14th to the 16th of March the White Rose Brussels office welcomed members of the EU funding teams from each university, who came to Brussels to engage with key stakeholders. Within the short visit, we packed in 11 meetings and darted between various European Commission buildings. The teams met with members of Swisscore […]

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23rd February 2018 Event

Yorkshire’s International Relations post-Brexit

  The British Foreign Policy Group is co-hosting an event in Leeds in association with the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. This event is the fourth of the BFPG’s National Engagement Programme, a nationwide series of events which aim to generate greater public discussion about the UK’s international position and choices. […]

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30th January 2018 Event

Swiss Science Briefing: Towards a European Open Science Cloud

The Briefing, jointly organised by the Mission of Switzerland to the EU and SwissCore, started with an Opening speech by Urs Bucher, Head of the Mission of Switzerland to the EU who stressed the importance of cross-border co-operation in open science and Switzerland’s role in this. This was followed by a presentation by Edouard Bugnion, Vice-President […]

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24th January 2018 Event

STOA Workshop: EU Mission-Oriented Research and Innovation Policy

  A Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) workshop run by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) aimed to clarify the concept of mission-oriented challenges, something which shaping up to be a major theme of the 9th EU funding Programme. As well as presenting an Economic and Social Research Impact paper, the workshop invited key […]

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